Sunday, November 26, 2006

Practice Makes Perfect

Adults keep telling me that 'practice makes perfect', well with all the dancing I have done lately - I will be the best dancer in the world!

Today we had a full rehearsal at the studio, so I had to practice my jazz and tap ready for the end of year production. Tomorrow I will go to my normal jazz class, then on Friday I will go to the other kids jazz class so they can practice with me. Then that afternoon I will go back to the studio for my tap dancing class.

Finally on Sunday we will go back to the studio for a photo shoot with everyone in costume. Then it will be less than a week until the big production. I can't wait.

Should I practice some more now?
Love the dancing AJ Pickle


  1. Yes AJ practice does make perfect.Can't wait to see you dance, reckon you will be fantastic with all the dancing you are doing, you will also be sooooo tired.Keep up the good work as it will soon be all over until next year.

  2. It sounds like fun AJ, can you ask Mum to take some video of you dancing so I can see it?

  3. Can't wait AJ, i will pretend to love the high school musical when i see it i promise, (mostly for mama's sake - he he he)cos i will be so proud of you!

    Break a leg!



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