Tuesday, November 07, 2006

What is a Nation?

We are having lots of strange days lately, and today was one of them. It was Tuesday, so mum went to work really early, before we woke up. Now normally on a Tuesday I would go to Tia's house and AJ would go to kinder. For some reason we didn't go to Tia's, we stayed home with dad.

I love going to Tia's, but I didn't mind staying home. We ended up visiting friends who live on the other side of the park and had some yummy lunch. Even when lunch was over, Michael's mum and dad wanted us to stay to watch 'the race that stopped a nation'. I don't know what they really meant though. There were horses on tv, and lots of people dressed up as princesses like me, but I don't know how that would stop a nation...I don't even know what a nation is!

We had such a great time playing at Michael's house, that we were still there when mum finished work. We were so busy playing that we stayed there for dinner too. Actually, we were so busy that I didn't even find out what a nation is.

Maybe a nation is something that makes dad's and brother's fall asleep really easily?
Maybe the race that stops a nation really did make AJ and dad stop?

I really don't know, I will have to go and ask mum.
Love Princess George


  1. Was thinkin that maybe Dad should get his own blog and call it Come see how many times i fall asleep at functions... Priceless!

  2. looks like the big race stopped dad and AJ, maybe they are the nation. i think everyone stops to watch the big race, did you watch it Milla?


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