Friday, December 01, 2006

Wacky Wizard?

Have you ever met a wacky wizard? I have, he was at Tia and Tio's Christmas party! He sung funny songs and made animals from balloons. He was so magical that he even turned popcorn into lollies. He was so cool! We played lots of different games and I even helped him with some magic tricks.

Not long after the wizard went back to his mushroom castle in Magic Land, we had another special visitor. The next visitor was even cooler than the wizard - it was Santa. All the kids at Tia and Tio's are really good, so he gave us all a present. Santa gave me a new box of Legos with letters on it that will be heaps of fun to play with.

We are so lucky to be such good kids that Santa remembers us.
Love AJ Pickle