Sunday, December 10, 2006

Show Time

Well the big day finally arrived. I was really looking forward to performing, but I was also really tired because I was at rehearsals until 10.30pm on Friday night (that is more than 3 hours later than my normal bed time). Luckily I was really excited about dancing on stage that had more energy saved for the show.

Even waiting backstage before each performance was fun. There were lots of books to read, pictures to draw, snacks to eat, movies to watch and games to play.

Everyone's favourite game seemed to be catch AJ. I had dozens of little girls chasing me around the room trying to tickle me (and give me kisses).

I had to dance on stage 8 times, in 2 different shows. I danced in Jingle Bell Rock, You've Got a Friend in Me, Music Box Dancer and the Finale.

(This is me and Chloe ready for the finale.)

When I was on stage, I could see my Nanny, Poppy, Aunty Sharn and Milla sitting in the front row of the audience. They were very proud of me and clapped the loudest.

Mum didn't watch the first show, she helped all the kids backstage. Mum, Ellen and Sarah McNamara watched the night time show, but they sat too far away for me to see them properly. I am sure they clapped really loudly and cheered too.

My dad was in the show too. He played 'Troy's dad, the basketball coach. Even my dad danced in the finale. Dad was pretty good on stage, but not as good as me. Maybe next year Dad and Milla will be in the show too.

I have made some really great friends at dancing and had lots of fun too. I am a little bit sad that there are no more dancing lessons until next year. Luckily there is a party to go to next weekend where I can see all my dancing friends again.

Love AJ Pickle, the superstar


  1. This is quite possibly the coolest thing you have done so far, AJ! And still so many more things to conquer! GO AJ! Can't wait to see the video!

  2. Don't worry April, you will see the DVD over and over and over...
    We know how much you love High School Musical!

  3. I wanna see it too! I wanna see it too! Do you think your mum can send me a copy?

  4. That concert was sooooooooooooooooo cool, you were a real star AJ, dad was pretty good too. We were so lucky to have the best seats.


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