Saturday, December 30, 2006


Well it is the school holidays, Christmas is finished and the year is about to end. What can a couple of kids do to fill in their days?

Hmmm...we can visit mum at work and play with the roadside flares and torches, or maybe go to Bunnings and make things. We can read books and do drawings with Sarah McNamara and Odd (oops, I think I should really call him Ed!) We can go bike riding and scooter riding with fr. We can meet new people, like Tomoko who is visiting from Japan and have yummy bbq food. We can dance in the rain and go to the swimming pool. We can go shopping for after Christmas bargains or go to the movies. We can look for water, and if we can find water, we can look for tadpoles. We can even explore new parks and chase dragons!

All of these fun things to do and the summer fun activities haven't even started yet!
Love AJ Pickle

Milli and AJ looking for adventures at Albert Park

Where is the water?
Milli, AJ and Sean sitting in what is really a waterfall at Fitzroy Gardens

Milli and AJ playing with the dragon in the gardens

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