Thursday, October 19, 2006

Do you know how to have a happy birthday?

1. Start the night before by painting your fingernails and your toenails too.
2. Wake up early and open presents.
3. Open even more presents.
4. Wait to blow out the candles as everyone to sings 'Happy Birthday' to you.
5. Dance naked with your boyfriend (and your brother if he is still hanging around).
6. Finish the night with a game of invisible poker.

Find time during the day to eat lots of yummy food, go to another birthday party and have a hot tub too. If you can manage all of that, you will have a great birthday, just like I did!

I like being a birthday girl.
Love Princess George, the 3 year old


  1. Hap hap happy birthday princess george! I am soooo sorry i can't be there on saturday for your 3rd birthday party, but i have to work! DAMMIT! I am sure you will have a wonderfully magical splendiferous day.
    Lots of hugs, kisses and puku tickles from me.

  2. Gosh Milla, I didn't think you would celebrate your birthday like that for AT LEAST 15 more years!

    Happy Birthday

    Love Anna

  3. this sure was a wonderful birthday Milla, was so much happening for you, glad you had such a great day, hugs and kisses from nana & Poppy Pete x0x0x0x0x0


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