Thursday, November 23, 2006


We had a Thanksgiving party at our house tonight. I really don't know what a Thanksgiving is, but I know it was fun. Sarah told us that it was a special American holiday where people celebrate with family and friends and think about all the things that make them happy.

Well I think Thanksgiving is a great holiday. I can think of lots of things today that made me happy, that I can say 'thank you' about;
- meeting Sarah and learning all about Thanksgiving
- having lots of people come to our Thanksgiving party
- eating strange foods (Although the grown-ups loved it, pumpkin isn't a dessert!)
- having a big bath with lots of friends
- eating ice cream
- staying up late!

Thanksgiving sure is a great day. Can we have another Thanksgiving party tomorrow?
Love AJ Pickle

PS - did you know that American people think that pumpkin comes in a can? Sarah had to cook her own pumpkin before she could make the pumpkin pie!


  1. Hmmmm Aj, not so keen on the idea of Pumpkin even as a normal food let alone a dessert... Weird!


  2. Sounds as though you are still in America. Glad you all had a happy Thanksgiving party, how was the pumpkin pie? xxxxx

  3. i'm thankful for my new friends AJ and Milla who play with me while all the other adults are at work.


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