Sunday, March 04, 2007

Waving Goodbye
Why is waving goodbye so sad?

We had to wave goodbye twice this afternoon.

Anna and Tino came by to play with us and to show us some photos from their wedding. They have so much to do before they go back to London that we might not get to see them again before they leave. We had to wave goodbye to them not knowing if we will see them soon or if we have to wait another million years.

We also had to wave goodbye to daddy.

Right now daddy is somewhere over the Pacific Ocean. He is on his way to New Zealand for almost a week. Milli and I helped to load the taxi before we waved goodbye. (Luckily Anna and Tino were still visiting when daddy left and they distracted us, otherwise we would have been really sad!)

I hope dad has lots of fun in Auckland, and that he doesn't miss us too much.

We love you daddy, see you later.
Love AJ and Milla (and mum too)


  1. Certainly hope it is not a million years!

  2. what a sad time for you all having to wave good bye to your friends and your daddy on the same day. Only 2 more sleeps and daddy will be home, wonder will he bring back surprises. xxxxxx


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