Friday, March 23, 2007

Be Your Best

Today was a special day at school, it was Be Your Best Day. It was a day where the entire school had fun activities to do, to learn about team building and imagining 'walking in someone else's shoes'.

We didn't have to wear school uniform if we didn't want to, instead we could wear something in our team colours. My team for the day was purple. I didn't have any purple clothes (well dance costumes don't count) so I had to decorate my own t-shirt with purple.

There were heaps of group activities like making balloon hovercraft to carry the whole class, building towers from straws and balloon gladiators.

The activities that the purple group did were sand bag races where we had to work as a team to collect all of the sandbags in a hurry. My team were the best at the sandbag races, we moved 19 little sandbags in one minute.

The purple team also worked on the egg drop. We had to make something to protect our eggs when we dropped them from the top of the fire escape. My buddy Alex and I made a huge soft cocoon for our egg but we weren't able to save it. Our egg smashed everywhere. Although I was disappointed my egg smashed, it was still lots of fun.

Later in the day we did all sorts of outside activities and then we finished the school day in the hall talking about all the things we learned about helping and supporting our friends. We even sang a song called 'Be Be Be Your Best'.

Be Your Best Day was fantastic, I hope that we have another day like today really soon.
Love AJ Pickle

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  1. be your best day sounds like it was a real fun day, we are so pleased you had a great time. xxxx


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