Friday, March 02, 2007

Balloons with Anchors

Today at school, we did science experiments with Kay. Today's experiments were all about objects that sink and float.

We collected lots of interesting objects from the art room and from outside. Before we tested to see if an object would sink or float, we had to guess what would happen. As well as testing sticks, stones and leaves we tested pencils, blocks and other toys. We also tested balloons.

Before we started we knew that a balloon would float, especially if it was filled with air. We knew that if a balloon was filled with something heavy, like sand it would sink. We decided to test what would happen if the balloon had some air and some sand in it.

We found that the part of the balloon with the sand in it would sink below the water, but the rest of the balloon would sit on top of the water. We thought that the part of the balloon that was filled with sand was like an anchor!

There are so many amazing things to learn at school.
Love AJ Pickle

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  1. school is such an amazing place AJ. i am so glad that you are interested in all the new things you do while in school. keep up the good learning. xxxx


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