Saturday, March 24, 2007

Princess Yas

I have a new friend called Yasmin and she is a big kid (in grade 1). I went to her house to play and I discovered that we love all of the same things. We have the same dolls house, we both have lots of pony toys and we both love to accessorise. Yas even goes to ballet and is a beautiful dancer.

When I get bigger, I want to be just like Yasmin. Luckily she gave me some of her clothes and that don't fit her any more, so now I can be just like Yas. Aren't I cute?
Love Princess George


  1. yes Milla you are cute and are very lucky to have a friend like Yasmin to give you beautiful clothes. xxxxx

  2. Fancy having a friend like that - and you do look very beautigul M XXX


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