Sunday, March 04, 2007

Meet Neko

For ages now I have been asking mum if we could get a pet kitten. Her answer is always the same. "You will have to ask dad!" So when I see dad, I ask him if I can get a pet kitten. He never really answers me, he just starts talking about something else. (I am sure that mum knows that dad doesn't really want to have a cat. )

Anyway, today I asked dad really, really nicely and guess what... I have finally got my own cat.

I have called my cat Neko (that is the Japanese word for cat). He is really cute. He is grey with black whiskers, tail and ears. He doesn't eat much and he never makea a mess. The only problem is that he isn't very cuddly either.

I don't mind if Neko doesn't give me cuddles, I am just so happy to finally have my own pet.
Love Princess George (and Neko too)


  1. Milla it is great to meet you new pet Neko,he sure is cute. look after him well and you will have him for ever. xxxx

  2. That sure is a great kitten - just the kind your Dad would like! M XXX

  3. Anonymous1:21 PM

    Your kitten is very cute. I bet mum and dad are pleased that he won't wake you up at all hours of the night ... like our Fozzie!



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