Thursday, July 13, 2006

At The Zoo

It has been a really really long time since we have been to the zoo, so today we went back to visit all of our animal friends. It was a little bit cold, so we some of the animals stayed in their beds instead of playing. We didn't really mind, we still had heaps of fun playing and trying to wake the animals.
Other than the playground and lunch shops, my favourite part of the zoo is the place that looks like Thailand - the elephant area. AJ likes the Australian area best, even if the wombats are all asleep.

Zoo - Elephants
The zoo is great fun to explore with friends. Maybe one day you can come to the zoo with me too?Love Princess George


  1. Can I?
    Can I?
    Can I?

    Can I get a membership again? I won't have to lie this time about living with you!

  2. never too cold to visit your friends at the zoo cause seeing them keeps you reved up and warm


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