Thursday, July 06, 2006

More Art

Special Art Work For Nanny
Nanny and Poppy came for a little holiday to our house today. Tomorrow they are going to visit Uncle Adam and Aunty Melani, and perhaps we will go visit them in Geelong.

Nanny has still got a sore leg, but it is getting better. We decided that some beautiful pictures would help Nanny's foot get better, so we decided to do some artwork on her plaster. Milla drew a 'mummy spider that is friendly and doesn't eat people' and I drew a snowman with a carrot nose and a snow dog.

I hopt that the drawings work. If they do, Nanny might get the plaster taken off her leg really soon and wear a moon boot instead!
Love AJ the Artist


  1. Did it help Nanny's food or foot?

  2. I was thinking... I think you should have to put the AJ kinder page back up and keep it as a journal for him and change it into a school blog later. You can post pictures of him and friends that was with no problems...
    I liked that blog!

  3. Freudian slip perhaps... or just a typo?

  4. The blog is still there, just hidden (and not updated as often - momentum dissipates when there is no audience!)

  5. thanks for the beautiful drawings, they sure help to make my foot better and make my plaster look so pretty


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