Friday, July 14, 2006

Towers and Tunnels

Today at kinder we made a huge tower in the sandpit. It was really big. When it was as big as we could build it, we dug tunnels in it.

My tunnel went all the way through the tower and met Baden's tunnel on the other side. Then Michael and Darcy dug thier tunnel to meet ours in the middle. It was so cool!

We had so much fun making tunnels and towers at kinder, that we all came back for night time kinder to build even more towers!

We didn't come back to night time kinder just to make towers and tunnels, we went there to have an international dinner with our kinder and creche friends. We all took some food that is from our country to share with everyone.

There was heaps of yummy food; English fish and chips, Indian curry, taginne from Morocco, tortilla from Mexico and Italian Pasta. I wanted mum to take my favourite Aussie food - Vegemite sandwiches, but she didn't think that everyone would want to share them. Instead we took lamingtons. Luckily lamingtons are pretty good to eat too!

Going to kinder at night time is lots of fun. I wonder when our next night time kinder will be?
Love AJ Pickle


  1. wow night time kinder sure sounds pretty special. love your tower and tunnel at day time kinder AJ

  2. MMMMMM fish and chips... seems i really am a big old pom after all! Love the sand castles, AJ!


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