Sunday, July 16, 2006


This weekend it was really rainy and not very nice for playing in the park, so we had to find something else to do. AJ and I wanted to go to an indoor playcentre, but mum and dad don't really like them, so we had to compromise.
We found a place that had a playground inside, that was lots of fun for mum and dad too...we went to Bunnings! Not only was there a playground inside, but there was a kids clinic on. As AJ climbed the fort and explored the tunnels, mum and dad took turns to shop. I joined in the kids clinic and made a flower press.
I think that Bunnings is almost as good as a real indoor play centre AND it has really yummy food - sausages in bread! The other really good thing about Bunnings is that mum and dad always seem to find things to buy, to start another project.
After all of their exploring in Bunnings, they decided that they would paint us our very own blackboard - in our bedroom! How lucky are we, now we have a fort AND a blackboard in our bedroom. Now all we need is double-decker beds and we will have the best bedroom in the whole world!
Next time you are in Melbourne, you should come to my house to play. Even if it is raining there is so much to do.
Love Princess George


  1. Your blackboard looks great guys! It will be great to come and play on it one day soon. xoxo

  2. I love the big fat chalk that you are using. I will be there soon and we can draw/play together. What should we draw?


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