Monday, July 24, 2006

Strange Things

We are all feeling a little bit weird tonight, and no-one really knows if it is 'good-weird' or just 'strange-weird'. You see mum is going to get Ellen tomorrow and we are all really excited, it is just that Ellen is still in gin-Japan. That means we have to take mum to the airport so she can catch a plane all the way to Tokyo. Luckily it isn't as far away as New York, but it will still take more than one night to get there.
When she gets to Tokyo, she is going to go on adventures with Ellen, to buy us lots of treats and gifts and no doubt take millions of photos. Then, a whole week later, mum AND Ellen are going to come back to Melbourne.
So you can see that things are weird. We are excited that mum is getting Ellen, and we are looking forward to seeing Ellen again. It will be heaps of fun playing with dad all week long, showing him all the really cool things we do. Even though we are all going to have fun, I think we might miss mum, and I bet she will miss us even more.
Love AJ Pickle and Princess George.


  1. I will look after Mum with all my heart. I know she will miss you and she'll even miss Dad! See you in about a week...

  2. all sounds exciting, the trip for you Del and the fun for AJ & Milla having a week with dad. All enjoy your chance of a lifetime.

  3. Have a great trip Auntie Del.
    Love Henry xxx

  4. Who is going to be looking after who guys? Look after Dad, Mum will be home in no time.
    Love Anna

    PS - don't forget the presents you'll get!!


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