Sunday, July 23, 2006

Birthday Girls
Hooray, the 'kids' birthday run has just begun! On Saturday it was Ella and Taylah's birthday, and we went to a party at their house. We had lots of yummy treats to eat and played a really cool game of catch the butterflies that came out of the elephants trunk!
When we had eaten lots and lots of cake and fudge and chocolates and chips and lollies, we sung happy birthday and had ice-cream cake - YUM!
Ella and Taylah are really lucky because they get to have two birthday parties, the one we went to yesterday, and another one next weekend with the fairies. I can't wait, I have got a really beautiful fairy dress to wear to the party, and some new wings. I will look like a beautiful fairy princess! I hope dad takes lots of photos of me and my fairy friends.
Maybe when it is my birthday I can have a fairy party too. It won't be very long until it is my birthday. First it was Ella and Taylah's birthday, next will be Macsen's birthday, then Amelia's birthday and then finally it will be my birthday! (That means there is less than 3 months to wait!)
Love Princess George

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  1. wow Ella & Taylah are lucky having 2 parties. i love there ice cream cakes, they as so pretty. enjoy the fairy party next week and be sure to send us some fairy photos


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