Sunday, July 23, 2006

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

When mum came to help at kinder this week, she was a meanie. She was the big bad wolf and she was nasty to all the little pigs, she kept chasing them and then blowing their houses down! Luckily, mum was just pretending to be a wolf and she wasn't really very nasty, she was just in a puppet show called the Three Little Pigs.
When the puppet show was over, we took turns to do our own puppet show. I was the little pig who was smart enought to build a house out of lego so it couldn't get blown down by the big bad wolf! I had to save the other pigs who didn't know how to build a proper house.
Making a puppet show was a lot of fun, I think that I will have to make another puppet show really soon.
Love AJ Pickle

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  1. great to know mum took part in the puppet show as the big bad wolf, she isn't really bad though as she is a kind loving mum. bet tou loved having mum play a part.


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