Monday, May 29, 2006

Is it Christmas?

The postie delivered a huge parcel today.
We had to wait all day long, looking at it until mum got home from work before we could open it. It was just like Christmas when you can see all of the presents under the Christmas tree but you aren't allowed to open them!

Finally mum arrived home and it was Christmas day all over again. There were hundreds of parcels for us to open and they were all from Ellen!

There were dolls and trains and pencil cases and bags and snacks and even presents for mum and dad! Some of our special presents came from Thailand, so now we have more cool summer clothes to wear like the ones that Rutt sent to us.
We are really lucky to have a wonderful friend like Ellen. We have missed her heaps since she has been in Japan. Luckily she almost has the internet so we can talk and message her all the time. We can't wait until she finally comes back to Melbourne to live.

I hope everyone else has thier own "Ellen's"
Love AJ and Milla


  1. Love, love, love you guys!

  2. you are soooooo lucky to have a great friend Ellen, will be wonderful when she gets back to Australia to see you all in reality.

  3. where do we get ourselves an "ellen" from ???

  4. I really want to see you guys today... Some days are just like that. I am not having a bad day. The weather is nice, I feel good... just wish you were here too. Not long now though!


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