Friday, May 12, 2006

More Schools

Well I have been to another school to see if it would be a good place for me to go when I am in prep next year. This time I went to Ascot Vale Primary School and it was so much fun. Heaps of the kids remembered me from when I went there to visit Ellen, when I was a little kid. The big kids were heaps of fun to play with, and they all remembered who I was, they even remembered Milli!
Ascot Vale Primary is my favourite school so far - they have a rabbit in the classroom, have stacking cup competitions and play in rock bands on the radio - it was so cool. If I went to school there, I would have a buddy to help me, and maybe the buddy could be someone that I already know.
I wish that Ascot Vale Primary was closer to Kensington, mum says that it is too far to walk to Ascot Vale. I hope that when I go and visit Kensington Primary next week that it is as much fun as Ascot Vale.
Love AJ Pickle
If Milli went to Ascot Vale Primary, she would want Isabelle to be her buddy.


  1. Isabelle would be a fab buddy. You couldn't ask for a nicer person. Wait a minute... there are a few there that would be fab. Ahhhh, if Mum really did choose AVPS, that would be funny cause we would both be there and you could come see me anytime you like!!!

  2. Ascot Vale school sounds pretty cool for AJ, if only it were closer.we can remember Isabelle from the day we had at the pool & park, would be a great buddy for Milla


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