Sunday, May 14, 2006

Today we went to see the Lion King.
It was a special Mother's Day treat that the whole family could enjoy.
We were so excited that today was finally the day and that there were no more sleeps before we could go and see Simba, that we woke up extra early. We waited until our clock said 7 o'clock before we came downstairs. Dad came downstairs with us so we could let mum have a sleep in for her special day.
Finally mum came downstairs and we were able to give her her presents. They were really good presents, but we will tell you more about them another day.
We were too excited to eat lunch, even though it was really yummy. Eventually it was time to go. We caught the train in to the city. AJ took Jack the Super Ted from kinder with him. After a few minor emergencies, we made it to the theatre with no time to spare.
The show was amazing. There were animals everywhere, and not only on the stage, they walked up and down the theatre. AJ's favourite part was when the hyenas chased Simba and Nala through the elephant graveyard but Milli didn't like the scary bits. She liked the ending when Simba had a cute little baby to show everyone.
It was a fantastic show and we think that when we are big kids we will sing and dance on stage and everyone can come and watch us and cheer.
Love AJ and Milla


  1. what a great family day you all had at the Lion King. so pleased you all loved it and had a good time. Hopefully one day it will be AJ & Milla on stage

  2. Sounds like Mum had a great Mother's Day... I had a good day too just thinking about how excited Mum must be!

  3. bette and pin1:37 PM

    glad you enjoyed lion king, i liked it to.


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