Sunday, May 21, 2006

On Safari

We went on a safari adventure today. It was great fun.

We went exploring in 'Botswana' where the lions live and we met the zoo keeper. He told us all about how the lions hunt and how the people in Botswana try to keep their animals safe from the lions who live there too. We even saw all the bones of a lion. His jaw is much bigger than mine, and his teeth are heaps pointier! We were even able to see the skull of a zebra and the carcass of a buffalo. It was so cool.

I didn't want to go exploring in the grasslands by myself, but mum and Milli went exploring. I was a little bit worried because I could hear lions prowling in the grasslands but I couldn't see them (or mum and Milli).

Luckily they survived their adventure and we all went for a safari tour. When we were on the safari, I took lots of photos of the animals I saw.

This is the Rothschild Giraffe that I saw.

I had to take a photo because I have never seen a giraffe sit down before, it was really hard to see as the bus window was a little bit dirty (and the flash shone in the window)!

We saw lions, giraffe, hippos, rhinos, lots of different antelope, zebra and meerkats too.

Going on safari was fun,
Love AJ Pickle


  1. wow what a terrific experience for you to go on safari, we have never been on safari so maybe you will take us one day

  2. Can you remember the last time we went there? The lions were brand new. Do you think you will want to go again with me soon?

  3. PS... Who is that really grown up boy in the first photo? It can't possibly be you AJ!


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