Friday, May 19, 2006

Nature Investigations
Lately at kinder we have been looking at different things that happen in nature. As a part of our investigations, my teacher Carol asked if I could bring in a plant to keep in the Kinder room.

After lots and lots of searching, I finally found a plant that I thought was suitable - it was really really big, had lots of leaves and its scientific name was 'something or other ALEXANDRAE'. The plant was meant for me, it really did have my name on it! When I put it into a real plant pot, it was way too big to fit into the car and it was too heavy to carry, so we had to strap it into the pusher and walk it to kinder!

I think that I have the best kinder plant. I will have to make sure that it stays big and healthy by watering it every day that I go to kinder.

As another part of our nature investigations, we went for a nature excursion around the park.(An excursion is when parents sign a note to say that thier kids can go out with the rest of the kinder kids, as a big group with the teachers and some parents). We all went walking to look for interesting things in Autumn. We found lots of leaves that had fallen from the trees, compared the bark on different trees, imagined what animals lived in trees and even saw some colourful bugs. It was all very interesting!

When we finished our investigations, we all went to Pirate Park for a play. Before we knew it, it was time to go back to kinder.

I have decided that excursions are fun and that we should have nature excursions all the time.

Love AJ Pickle

This is my kinder group.


  1. Kinder looks like lots of fun, i hope that everyone liked your really really big plant.

  2. You have so much fun at kinder. Hope your plant keeps growing, don't forget to water it.Glad you are learning from your nature walks

  3. bette and pin1:19 PM

    hi alex and milla love your letters. keep watering that plant alex and it may reach the moon one day.


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