Thursday, May 18, 2006

Visiting Primary Schools - part 3

Well I went to visit my third primary school today - Kensington Primary School, the school that is just up the road from my house.
I was a little bit nervous, I had to meet the principal (and I haven't even started school yet)! Luckily he was a really nice bloke called Mark and he took me on a tour of the school to show me some of the really cool things they do at school.
I was allowed to sit with the preppies and grade oners when their teacher read them a book. I saw the plans for the new super-duper playground equipment that they will build for me. I also found out about the music program and now I can't decide if I want to play violin, drums, guitar or play the saxaphone like my dad said he did. Too many dilemmas.
Another really big decision I have to make is should I ride my bike to school or should I catch the 'Walking School Bus' to go to school next year? How weird is that - a 'Walking School Bus'?
I am really glad that I liked Kensington Primary. My Kinder class is going to have some practice school days later in the year and the teachers have already asked me to come back and visit the class any time, just to make sure that I really like school. I can't wait!
Love AJ Pickle
(the almost school kid)
PS - I didn't let mum take any photos of me at school today as I imagine that we will swamp you with heaps of school photos in the decade to come!


  1. I wonder if my friend Kay still works there? She would really like you.

  2. seems like Kensington primary is a great school. would be good to go to school on a walking bus.


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