Friday, May 05, 2006

My Sickie

I had my first ever sick day today and I stayed home from kinder.

Mum says that it doesn't count as a real sickie because I really was sick. Now I don't know what is more fun; going to kinder to play with my friends or having a sick day and going to music with Milla and resting on the couch watching movies. I think that kinder is probably more exciting, and healthier too - I don't really like feeling yucky.

Love AJ the sick Pickle


  1. "doesn't count as a real sickie because I really was sick".....sounds likes AJ is being groomed for a career at Victoria Police??

  2. Don't listen to Georgia, AJ... Hehehe

    I really hope you are feeling better. I just know you are going to be one of those school kids who hates staying home from school.

    See you in under 3 months!

  3. AJ we feel so sad to see you looking so sick, hope you are all better now, sending you kisses & hugs to help you get better, love you nanny & poppy x0x0x0x0


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