Sunday, May 07, 2006

YUM - more chocolate!

My friends Ella and Taylah came to visit today. We made chocolate muffins to eat for dessert.

After we overflowed the muffin tray, we ate all of the extra mixture - YUM!

I love chocolate almost as much as playing with my friends.

Love Princess George


PS - Poor AJ decided that he was too sick and he fell asleep before Ella and Taylah arrived and didn't wake up until after they all went home. AJ made mummy sick, and then I was sick and now daddy is sick too. Girls must be stronger than boys cos the girls are all better and the boys are still sick! I know that they are still sick because they keep telling me that they are sick!

Go girls!


  1. boys are always bad at being sick!

    can you make something yummy for m when i get home?

  2. yum chocolate muffins, wish we could have been there to share with you. poor AJ missing out but there will be another day for cooking. we hope you are all better

  3. Sean - Dad8:27 PM

    Lucky boys are better at everything

  4. hmmmm, i wonder who she gets her love of chocolate from ??


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