Friday, December 26, 2008

Picnic, Picnics and More Picnics

It was really my idea to go to the park for a picnic today, but AJ did choose which park we went to.  
I even made my own lunch for the picnic.

This is the real reason I wanted to go on a picnic - to use my new tea set that Grandma gave me for Christmas!

As we were having our picnic, we were invited to another picnic.  Since we had no plans for dinner, we decided another picnic would be fun.  When we finished exploring the park and gardens we headed to the next picnic.
Isn't this the coolest location for a picnic?

I was very happy relaxing on the roof-top terrace of Level 10 at Freshwater Place!

I love days of picnics and adventures.
Love Princess George

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  1. Anonymous1:57 PM

    That sure is the way to relax at a picnic, nan and pop would love to be relaxing with you. xx


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