Thursday, December 25, 2008

Part 4 – Christmas with cousins

Mum and dad tried to convince us to have a sleep in the car on the way to Grandma’s house, but I was way too excited – there was going to be little cousins to play with AND more presents!  Finally we arrived, but we were a little early.  We had to wait for Henry and Owen to arrive before we could give out the presents.  Owen is still little so he was asleep at his other Grandma’s so I had to wait and wait and wait!  We even visited Roger to try and fill in some waiting time. (I think Rog has forgotten us, he didn’t want to come out and play.) 

Eventually everyone was there and it was time to swap presents.  Most of the presents were hidden behind the couch, under the Christmas tree to stop Sebastian unwrapping everything.  More and more presents kept appearing, it was like magic! 

You should have seen the paper explosion in the lounge room!


After the almost never-ending present swap, it was time for more food.  Sam had made lots of yummy food, but there was more fresh fruit and chocolate so I didn’t eat much ‘real’ food.  

As the grown-ups cleaned up all the mess inside, we played outside.  When the mess was all clean, the kids were all dirty and it was time to go home. 

Christmas day was almost over, but Christmas celebrations will continue…

Love AJ Pickle

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