Friday, December 26, 2008

Finding New Playgrounds

Instead of staying home and resting after a crazy busy Christmas like everyone else, I decided that we needed to go on another adventure.  I wanted to go to a new park.  I checked out and found a few different parks to visit.  The one I chose to visit today was Beckett Park in Balwyn because it has a maze, sandpit, a giant fort, statues and even a castle so Milla can play princess games. 

We packed a picnic and off we went.  There was no one in the park at all when we got there, it was fantastic.  
We played there for a few hours before it started to rain.  Instead of playing in the rain, we put our picnic stuff in the car and then went exploring in the gardens next door.

The gardens were full of heaps of different native Australian plants and were awesome fun to explore.  The only not so good part was when I ran too fast and fell down. 
It hurt, but there was still exploring and climbing to do.  

I managed to find a stream to cool off in.

Despite getting even more injuries, it was a great day exploring.  I hope we get to explore more new parks again soon.
Love AJ Pickle

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  1. Anonymous3:42 PM

    you are so good at finding the best parks in Melbourne. Ouch AJ another accident, you poor fella always in the wars. love you all nan & poppy xx


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