Saturday, December 27, 2008

Part 5 - More Christmas Celebrations

Today we had our final Christmas celebration for 2008, we went out to visit Granddad and wish him a merry Christmas.

Granddad has been a bit sick lately and didn't have much energy today, so instead of driving Granddad crazy with all of our noise and excitement in his tiny little house, we went to the park.  We did make sure that we swapped Christmas presents before we left.  

Our cousins Henry and Owen decided that today would be a good day to visit Granddad, so after they said hello, they came to the park with us.  We had a great time playing together and having a picnic in the gigantic park and splashing in the fountain.  

When it was time for our little cousins go go home for a nap, we decided to explore Jackson's Creek.  

We had a great but exhausting day in the country.
Love AJ and Milla


  1. Anonymous4:02 PM

    I reckon mum & dad will be pleased that all the Christmas visiting meals, parties and picnics are over, they must be more exhausted than both AJ & Milla. Time to catch up on resting before New year. xx

  2. Wow, you have been so busy too. It was great to see you at Christmas and in the park. Thanks for our pressies. Love Henry and Owen xxx


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