Friday, April 28, 2006

We're Going to the Zoo

Well actually, we have already been to the zoo.
I went to the zoo yesterday with AJ, Amelia, Zach, Ella and Taylah. There was so much exploring to do. As usual, we followed my favourite zoo trail - from a picnic in the playground to the elephant area.
Our animal adventures began walking to the gorillas (who decided they didn't want to play), past the tiger (who wanted to play with a water bottle), over the monkey bridge and finally to the elephant area.

I think the elephant area is more exciting than the real elephants. I was too busy climbing all over the statues to even see a real elephant! Mum told me that if I am a really lucky girl, I might get to visit my friend Rutt in Thailand and go for a ride on an elephant!

Wouldn't that be amazing, I hope that one day I can visit Rutt and ride on a real elephant.

Love Princess George
PS - I think the real reason AJ likes to play with me and my friends is so that he can have a group of spunky girls who follow him wherever he goes.
He likes to teach us tricks!
We were so worn out after running around the zoo, we had to stop and have a rest (and eat an aussie icypole!)


  1. how cute is that picture of AJ and the spunky girls on the elephants...

  2. what a wonderful day at the zoo, you do have such an exciting life with a lovely lot of friends, have to find a couple of boys to take


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