Sunday, April 23, 2006

Off to Grandma's House.

Have you ever heard of Little Red Riding Hood? Today I feel like Little Red Riding Hood, except that I have a Little Pink Jacket. I am about to go all the way to Sunbury to have a holiday with Grandma. I hope there is no wolf trying to stop me from going to Grandma's house. AJ is going to come with me, he is big and brave, he will save me from any wolf.
Well our bag is packed and mum and dad are finally ready to drive me there.
Hooray, ikimasho (let's go!)
Love Princess George


  1. Hey I am excited cause I am going to come and stay with you soon. Then when I have my own house, you can come and stay with me lots and lots!

  2. Mum and Dad, don't be too lonely. Have fun, sleep, relax and of course play up!

  3. Hi Milla & AJ, hope you had a lovely time with grandma & grandad and were good kids for is so good to be off on a holiday so we hope you had heaps of fun. we hope you can soon have a holiday with nanny & Poppy, love you both.

  4. Anonymous7:08 PM

    Could your children be any more divine? Even hidden amongst parts of a suitcase they are just beautiful.
    C u all soon.
    April. xxx


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