Saturday, April 08, 2006

Ho Hum...
Well after the excitment of the Commonwealth Games, everyday life hardly seems exciting at all. We still have lots of fun playing with all of my friends, going to Tia's house, learning tap-dancing, going to kinder, celebrating birthdays or singing songs at music but it hardly seems the same. I have wanted to blog all week, but I didn't have anything to blog about. That was until today.

Today we went in to the Botanical Gardens. Not only did we meet another Princess called George (little Georgia with her parents Renae and Rich), but we played with Jodi and the dog she was babysitting - Angus. We went shopping at a really funky market AND we went exploring in the coolest gardens in the world, the Children's Gardens. Mum went absolutely nuts taking photos, so I will upload (some of) them for you all soon.

We had so much fun exploring together. Maybe things aren't so ho-hum after all!
Love the Pickle and the Princess.

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  1. nanny & poppy10:57 AM

    great to see little Georgia out with you to share your adventures, she is a little cutie, can't wait to meet her


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