Saturday, April 08, 2006

A Perfect Day.

How do you spend a beautiful Saturday in Melbourne?

Naturally, a perfect day in Melbourne covers all four seasons. The day started of freezing cold and I had to wear a jumper, beanie AND a parka. We were rained on, it was windy and just to be sure it was true Melbourne weather, we ended up having to splash on some sun screen.
Today started off in a fantastic and typically Satutday way - with a barbeque breakfast with friends. After that it was time to go in to the Botanical Gardens Market, to shop and 'do coffee' with some more friends. Then finally we had a picnic and spent hours exploring the Children's Gardens in at the Botanical Gardens. There were so many places to hide, things to climb, streams to paddle in and jungles to wander through.
It was an amazing day full of adventure. Hopefully we will have more perfect days in Melbourne to continue our adventures.
Love AJ Pickle.
Milli found that the child proof gates weren't much of a challenge; she wanted to take on the main gates instead!
It's time to explore!
I'm the king of the castle!

Exploring beyond the Black Stump!
Looking for fish.
Isn't it fun playing in the gardens Milli?

Oh yeah, Milli decided it was a good time to wash her hair!
(I think she might be crazy!)


  1. Paula Bryant11:00 PM

    hi Milla & AJ

    Loved reading about all of your adventures.. how ever do you find the time to share all of your stories and pictures with us ??

    we read a comment that ellen left saying that a blogger is addictive.. hmmmm, do we dare sign up ?

    See you soon

    Amelia, Zac, Paula & Graeme

  2. nanny & Poppy10:38 AM

    what a wonderful day for you both, we reckon there should be 4 seasons every day when we see you having so much fun. you sure make a day out unforgettable. AJ & Milla we treasure your adventures so keep them coming. love you both

  3. I still don't understand how you can be wearing all those clothes in one photo and then almost nothing in the next.

    Funny video!

    Can't wait to come and play with you guys!


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