Saturday, April 29, 2006

Bob the Builders.

Today we played a new game, it is called 'Bob the Builders', and everyone pretends to build something. We all went to Ines and Stellas new house in Moonee Ponds. Their new house is really an old house but it is a little bit broken, so we all decided to try and fix it.

There was so much to do; we had to rip out the kitchen, lift up the floors, chop down the forest, catch spiders and bugs and sweep up all of the mess. There is still lots of stuff to do, but maybe someone else can paint the inside of the house and build the kitchen and the cupboards.

As well as all of the building (and demolishing) that needed to be done, there was heaps of other fun things to do. We could explore the forest, chase shadows in the back shed, climb trees or pretend we had horses in the stables our the back. I think it will be lots of fun playing at Ines and Stella's new house!

Love AJ and Milla,

friends of Bob the Builder

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  1. what fun being bob the builders for the day,bet you done most of the wrecking.


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