Saturday, April 29, 2006

Time for School?

Can you believe it is almost time to find a school for me to go to. I am only 4 and already I have to make such important decisions!
Today I went and had a look at a primary school. We went to a school in Flemington. As we walked up to the school buildings, someone started yelling out over the speakers. She sounded a little crazy and I didn't want to stay. I convinced mum and dad that we should go to a different primary school instead, so we all went back to the car.
We drove around for a bit, then stopped to look at the same primary school. (I pretended that it was a different school, just to keep mum and dad happy.) I told them that it looked exactly like the first school, except that there were kids making beautiful music instead of the strange lady with the microphone.
I really liked listening to the girl who played the trumpet and her brother who played the glockenspiel. Mabye when I go to primary school I can play a musical instrument too. Do you know something else exciting about the primary school we looked at today? My friend Isabella was there too.
Hopefully we can go to primary school together and be friends forever.
Love AJ Pickle

Having fun in the big kids playground at Flemington Primary School


  1. big decisions, which school will I go to when I am 5yrs.old. Flemington looks good but there are some others to check out and you might like them to so you have time to decide later on.

  2. Bombanna11:36 PM

    Hi AJ

    I think you will be going to the same school as my otgher friend Will Thompson, his dad is Ash and his mum is Kate, they live near where your mum and dad used to live in Kensignton.

    Maybe you will be friends...


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