Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Life in the Country

Well with the Easter long weekend looming, we managed to convince mum and dad that it would be a good idea to head north and have a weekend in the country. AJ and I just wanted to go and visit nanny and poppy, and say g’day to all of our cousins who were going to Yarrawonga for the weekend too.

It really wasn’t too hard to convince them to go away for the weekend. I think they really liked the thought of having someone else to play the early morning body slam games that we normally save for mum and dad.

After a crazy day playing with friends on Thursday, we had dinner and jumped in the car for the long trek. Mum and dad stopped at Benalla to visit Marg and Graham, but we were so tired that we didn’t even wake up.

When we were in Yarrawonga, I planned to blog on Friday, but time ran out. On Saturday, there was still too much to do; we had worms to dig for, fish to watch, a dog to play with and cats to chase. When all of that was done, we had friends to visit too.

Finally, after another exhausting day, we all decided to unwind in the hot tub before blogging and then going bed. It was very relaxing, so relaxing that the electricity decided that if we weren’t doing anything, then it shouldn’t have to do anything either. All the power went out! It was really spooky, but we finished our big bath by candlelight!

AJ and I had planned on sending an Easter eve email to everyone, but…

Love Princess George

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