Saturday, March 30, 2013

Milla's Massive Haul

I know that AJ has just told you all about his fun day at the Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt yesterday and how we were lucky enough to be given free tickets to join in the fun of the chocolatey day.  Now it is time for me to tell you about the fun that I had and show you some of my favourite photos from the day.  

We all screamed in excitement, waiting for the start.

Running for more more eggs

Super happy about my haul

Thanks for an awesome day Cadbury

I needed to stop for a rest on the way back to the car 

(Even after sharing dozens of eggs with mum and dad, and munching on them the entire way home, there were still 128 Easter Eggs left in my bucket when I got home!

Thanks for an awesome day Cadbury, and congratulations on raising so much money to support the Royal Children's Hospital.
Love Princess George

PS - Just a reminder that we were lucky enough to get free tickets to this event from Cadbury but all of the smiles in the photos show just how awesome the day really was.

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