Sunday, March 10, 2013

Another adventure and more crazy places to visit

We left home this afternoon to go to a football (soccer) festival but just as we arrived it started to bucket down with rain. As much as I love soccer, I would prefer to be playing it rather than standing in the rain to watch it. When mum suggested that we go treasure hunting instead, we all agreed.

Our first and last finds were the best. I would tell you all about the cache called Dodgy Gorilla but it would give away the awesome secret. Instead I suggest you go find it yourself just to see how creative some finds are. (GC3V5QH - Dodgy Gorilla)

We had a quick 7 finds that were heaps of fun and finished off at Melbourne General Cemetery (GC12NFV).

How many other kids are lucky enough to spend their Sunday afternoon exploring a cemetery?
Love Princess George

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