Saturday, March 23, 2013

Earth Hour

When I first found out about Earth Hour, I have to say that I thought it was completely insane. How in the world could we possibly last an entire hour without power? Sure when we are camping we can manage it, but when we are camping we are usually so exhausted after running wild all day that we are ready for bed as the sun goes down. An hour at home with no power would be a completely new challenge. No TV, no computer, no i-devices, no lights. It was going to be a challenge.

The first few minutes were spent running around finding all of the candles we could, than searching in the dark for a lot longer trying to find some matches to light the candles!  We gave up on the search for matches and we ended up using the stove top to light the candles, I hope that wasn't cheating - it is a gas cook top so I think it would have been OK!

Now that we had light, all we had to do was find some way to fill in the rest of the hour without power or technology. What to do... Play cards, a board game, create? AJ decided to use the opportunity to teach mum and dad how to make origami cranes.

Making Cranes by Candlelight
Before the hour was up we had created more than a dozen teeny tiny cranes, had fun together and realised that having power and technology is awesome but we don't really need it to have fun.

AJ and I have decided that we need to have an earth hour every month, to remember that fun isn't reliant upon technology to have fun.
Love Princess George

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