Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Time to tidy

I got a surprise when I got home from school today - mum had cleaned my bedroom.  Now having a clean bedroom is awesome but when mum cleans it for me it means that all the things I had shoved out of the way to pretend my room was clean get dragged out and put into a pile for me to tidy up.  I know that if I forget to put them away 'properly'.  I could just leave it for mum to do, but when mum says put them away 'properly' she really means she will either throw it away or give my stuff to someone else!
The Clean Bits...
and the not so clean bits!

Luckily AJ is facing the same dilemma , a clean room... And a giant pile of stuff to sort through!

AJ's kinda clean bits...
and his pile to sort!
Oh well, enough of the complaining, I've got some serious sorting to do.
Love Princess George

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