Friday, March 29, 2013

Good Friday or a Great Friday?

Every now and then, mum gets an email inviting her to go somewhere interesting.  Occasionally we get an invitation to go along and share in the fun too.  Good Friday was one of the days when we got to share the fun and go along to the Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt at Werribee Park Mansion thanks to some free tickets that were sent to us from Cadbury.

We packed up our picnic and headed out to Werribee Park to share in the fun.

I couldn't believe just how many people were there having fun.  Rather than pick out a picnic spot straight away we decided to do a lap of the entire place to see just what we could do.  We could have gone on the rides but seeing that I didn't go on the rides at the school fete the other day, I didn't think I would go on the rides here either.  Instead of getting ride tickets, I negotiated with mum and dad to go exploring inside Werribee Mansion.

After the tour, I could scope out most of the picnic from the mansion balcony.
The view from the balcony
After exploring the mansion, we still weren't ready for our picnic lunch so we went exploring along the sculpture walk instead.
Fun in the Meccano Truck
The walk, and climbing all of the sculpture, made us work up a thirst so we stopped for a drink.
Drink time
By then, we were starting to get a little peckish so we headed back to the main picnic area.  We had just enough time to scoff some delicious hot corn before it was time to line up ready for our Easter Egg Hunt.  Milla was up first and then finally, the final Easter Egg Hunt of the day, it was my turn.

Ready to run
Every time I thought that the hunt was over, the Oompa Loompas (that was the all the wonderful people who volunteered to help out at the Easter Egg Hunt) kept scattering more eggs out for us to find.   I'm in the middle of the madness, scooping up dozens of eggs!
Scrounging for eggs
The crawling around the ground was well worth it, I think I found a few million!
Chocolate goodness
It was an awesome day that was there to raise money for the Royal Children's Hospital.  I have been lucky enough to not have had to visit the new hospital, but I have been to the old RCH a few times (this was one of my visits) and I am happy to say that they did a fantastic job of fixing me.  They did such a great job that I took $20 out of my money box to help make some other kids feel better when they are stuck in hospital.
Giving back
Thanks for inviting me and my family to join in the fun of the Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt.
Love AJ Pickle

PS - Mum wanted me to let you all know that we were given free tickets to go to the Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt.  We didn't have to blog about our day there but I wanted everyone to know how much fun I had, and to brag about how many eggs I found!  Cadbury also sent us this delicious hamper that mum still won't let us eat yet.


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