Friday, March 22, 2013

Where did the laundry fairies go?

Now I am guessing that heaps of parents nag and if other parents are like mine, one of the most common things they like to nag about is the state of bedroom cleanliness (or lack thereof). Apparently using a floor-drobe is considered inappropriate and that clothes should be folded away neatly or hanging in the cupboard. Well once your clothes are on the floor-drobe, getting them back into the cupboard neatly is way too much effort and takes too long. My answer is simple, scoop up everything on the floor and throw it into the washing basket. Surely then the laundry fairies will visit, clean all the clothes, even the ones that weren't even dirty in the first place, then magically put them away in the cupboard all neat and tidy. That was the plan but it seems that the laundry fairies are on strike. Sure they wash all of the clothes and hang them out to dry. They sort them into piles, even folding the clothes that need folding but that is where they give up. No longer do my clothes miraculously re-appear in my cupboard ready for me to make a mess with. Now they are left in a GINORMOUS pile for me to put away!

Can you believe the injustice of it all, me having to put my own clothes away? It really defeats the purpose of me throwing everything into the wash basket if I am only going to have to put them away myself. Perhaps I may have to re-think my room cleaning strategy.

I know, don't tell me not to make a mess in the first place, it will just make you sound like my parents!
Love AJ Pickle

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