Sunday, September 09, 2007

two AND Three

I have been wondering for a while now, why does AJ get his hair cut all of the time and I have only had one haircut - EVER? Yesterday I decided that it was time for my second haircut, so I got AJ to cut my hair for me. I can't see what he cut, but there was heaps of hair for me to use making puppets!

This morning, I decided it was time for my third haircut. AJ helped me again. Now I have a really pretty fringe and layers.

Mum and dad told me that if I get AJ to cut my hair anymore, it won't be long enough to have Shino give me a proper haircut for my birthday.

I guess I can wait one more month...
Love Princess George


  1. kingsonthelake11:53 PM

    Milla it seems AJ is a pretty nifty hair dresser but i reckon you can wait another month to get Shino to give you hair cut number 4. you still look gorgeous with the layered look. xxxx

  2. I did that once too Milla, but lucky you had AJ to do it for you, mine looked like a disaster, i had this really short fringe thing at the front. It was not pretty. I had to go to the hairdressers and have it all cut really short to make it even and I looked like a boy

  3. Maybe AJ could give me my 1st hair cut. I am going in a couple of weeks on account that it is growing into a nice little mullet!


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