Saturday, September 08, 2007

Roger's New Family

We went for a visit to Sunbury to see, Grandma, Grandad, Aunty Sam and Sebastian. Dad was doing a little bit of work in the garden with Uncle Grant, so we decided to go to the park for a play.

We all played a bit of cricket and then AJ gave Grandma her very own Auskick lesson. He taught her how to kick properly and how to handpass. By the end of the morning, Grandma was a pretty good kick! I didn't want to play footy. Instead mum taught me how to make daisy chains.

Aren't they beautiful? I was on bee watch, making sure the bees didn't attack mum so she could make me a daisy chain crown before we went back for lunch.

After we had lunch and ate all of the mandarins of the tree, we decided that Roger would really love to visit at Grandma's, there is plenty for him to eat in the country. Sam decided that she would love to have a pet for Sebastian to play with as he grew up, so off mum went to get Roger.
He loves his new house in the country. We can all go and visit him for holidays and if we want, he can come and visit us in the city, but I think the grass is greener in the country.
Love Princess George

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  1. kingsonthelake12:08 AM

    AJ you must be a top auskick teacher, it looks like grandma has a great style in kicking a footie.
    Milla you look so beautiful wearing your daisy chain crown, your mum is so good to make such nice things for you.
    great shot of auntie Sam and your baby cousin Sebastian, won't be long before he will be able to play with you.
    Roger looks happy with his new owner, he will love having so much grass to eat. xxxx


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