Friday, September 14, 2007

Earth - Protect, Respect

Milla might have been on tv (again), but I am really a star. It was my school concert today and we did 2 amazing performances called Earth; Protect, Respect.

The Prep and Grade One class performances were all about the 4 seasons, our class was Winter and we showed everyone how important it is to use compost to help your garden to grow all of it's winter vegies.

Isabella and I were carrots growing in the garden. Some of our other delicious vegetable friends were Bok Choy, Red Cabbage, Beans and Broccoli. The other kids in the class were Gardeners, Compost Scrap Collectors, Worms or Scarecrows. We all looked amazing and gave a brilliant performance.

I think everyone needs to remember the words to our song, to help their gardens grow...

Save, save, save your scraps
Keep them for the worms
Spread the compost in your gardens
Don't worry about the germs!

Happy Gardening,
Love AJ (the Carrot) Pickle

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  1. kingsonthelake9:36 PM

    AJ you really are a star, we loved every bit of the concert and reckon your winter garden act was great and you were the best carrot ever. love nan & pop xxxx


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