Thursday, September 06, 2007

Bloody Computers!

We haven't forgotten you, but the computer really hasn't recovered from the latest 'thermal event'. Some days it won't turn on, other days it won't turn off. Most days it just doesn't work for long enough to post anything.

Mum is waiting/hoping/begging for a new computer so that we can get back online regularly. The only problem is, mum wants a Mac. Dad doesn't think he likes Mac users. We think that it is quite appropriate that dad uses a Dell PC and mum wants a Mac. Either way, we don't really care, as long as we can get online again and actually publish some posts.

Love AJ and Milla


  1. Dear Superelish
    Thanx for looking at our is very cool getting comments!!! Hope the computer probs work themselves out soon...computers are great but sometimes a pain as well!! Look forward to seeing Milla in our room at AVPS again A, J and J xxx

  2. kingsonthelake6:23 PM

    computers do have their moments, hope yours gets over it in the very near future as we can't wait for all your activities. love you all. xxxx


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