Sunday, September 02, 2007

Happy Father's Day

Father's Day really isn't a day just for the dad's to enjoy, it is a day for everyone to enjoy.

Today we gave dad his Father's Day present - another giant box of Lego, this time with racing cars to build. That kept dad AND AJ happy. Then we went to DFO to try and find a new suit for dad. That kept dad AND mum AND me happy, even though they didn't have any really nice suits to buy.

The best part of the day was when we went to the beach for a picnic. We were all happy, AJ could play footy mum could relax in the sunshine and then Amelia and her family arrived so I had someone to play with.

Dad was really happy to have another dad to talk to, I think he even forgot he was a dad because we were all having fun and no one was nagging!
Love Princess George

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  1. kingsonthelake3:16 PM

    dad looks to be having lots of fun for Father's day. hope your day was just as enjoyable with fun time at the beach. xxxx


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