Thursday, February 08, 2007

Westside Circus

Today I went to circus school. I am in the Tic Tock team at Westside Circus. It was so much fun. We made different shapes with our bodies. I liked being a rocket and a super hero, as well as being a cat, rabbit and bear.

There were so many activities to do. We did handstands, balanced plates on our head, bounced on trampolines and did somersaults. I even went for a swing on the trapeze.

If I ever run away, I will definitely join the circus.
Love Princee George


  1. the Westside Circus certainly kept you busy Milla, I bet mum enjoyed every bit of watching you in action. How many in your Tic Tock team, bet you are the best performer.

  2. There were hundreds of kids in the class with me, well maybe 12 or so, plus all the grown-ups. Mum didn't get much time to watch, she had to do all the tricks too!


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